My independent travels began as a schoolboy in 1960s Tasmania, then took off with the Asian overland thing in ’74 – now they call it a gap year – a consular posting in the Middle East and a stint as an adventure tour guide in South East Asia. Later, I survived thirteen months branded as a ‘resident alien’ in small-town Pennsylvania and then spent six months hiding from Britain’s remorseless TV licence inspectors. I’ve been locked in the medieval town hall tower of Tallinn, Estonia and stranded by monsoon rains in rural Malaysia, had my pocket picked in Naples and was detained by Soviet-era border guards – and wouldn’t have missed any of it (well, almost).

Based in Melbourne, I am an accredited Member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers and a founding member of the Global Travel Writers’ Syndicate. My articles and images have been published in 35 countries.  Enough of business… if, like me, you enjoy heading off the beaten track and as far away as possible from the Nanny State, please join me on the journey!

Swayambu Stupa, Kathmandu

Swayambu Stupa, Kathmandu


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