A rent-free apartment in London… too good to be true?

Tower Bridge, London, England

Tower Bridge, London... just up the road

When you’re just a bit too old to blend into the average hostel common room, or can no longer stand the filthy cooking pots heaped up on kitchen benches; you might be ready for a form of travel less suited to the young and feckless.

Could a rent-free apartment in central London be too good to be true?

“Yes, I would be interested in an exchange… I have a two-bedroom apartment less than a mile east of Tower Bridge.  The Tube station is opposite – one change gets you into central London easily within half an hour … it’s remarkably quiet for London.”

Jack, a retired motor company executive, meant business.  A keen cricket fan, he fancied a long, hot summer with the MCG and Tennis Centre close by.  His partner, Julia, could be persuaded to forego another English winter.

Welcome to the wonderful world of house-swapping, where a smart London apartment – or a beach house on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast – becomes your home-away-from-home for little more than the cost of getting there.

Our hosts' garden allotment in London's East End

Our hosts' garden allotment in London's East End

“I’d have to lock up  my valuables…”   That’s what everyone says.  But we’re not talking about taking in tenants,  their valuables are equally precious to them, Virginia.  House-swapping is a two-way thing and that’s why it works wonders.

HomeLink International is one agency we have used for a dozen exchanges in Australia and in the UK.


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