Fresh air and fitness around Melbourne

Every traveller gets stuck at home once in a while – has to spend some time in front of a screen, perhaps. So where to vent those lungs around The World’s Most Liveable City, which is a little short on hills, cliffs and suchlike?

Herself and I have belatedly rediscovered the joys of cycling along the quiet byways and bike paths of Melbourne’s bayside suburbs.

Bicycles built for two

Bicycles built for two

We follow the Elwood Canal down to the beach at St Kilda, then up past the Sea Baths to the rebuilt St Kilda Pier – it’s a great escape from the house, as there’s always something happening around the foreshore.

For an aerobic high, we like to jump into the car and head in the other direction, east through la-la land to the Dandenong Ranges National Park, where the Kokoda Trail Memorial Walk presents the first opportunity to raise a natural sweat on a stiff climb. One thousand steps wind straight uphill through tree ferns and dense eucalypt forest, a popular workout for joggers and fitness freaks.

Kokoda Track Memorial Walk, Mt Dandenong

Kokoda Track Memorial Walk, Mt Dandenong

On weekends it’s almost too popular; how many people last Sunday noticed the female lyrebird busy beside the path? Or paused to ponder the bronze plaques up and down the track, commemorating the hardships endured by Aussie Diggers on the real-life Kododa Trail in New Guinea?


One thought on “Fresh air and fitness around Melbourne

  1. Hi,
    I have never been there but it sounds like a really nice place. 1.000 steps is certainly a very good work out but I feel you maybe right about some people not noticing the things around them. I myself think these days some people are just so busy that they don’t stop to take notice of the “little things” around them, which is really a shame.

    What a great idea to have the plaques around the track, they would be very interesting to read, but as you say how many even noticed them.

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