Melbourne is…

Melbourne is…

A gaggle of giggling schoolgirls sitting cross-legged on the grimy tarmac platform of a suburban station (no wonder the carriage seats are so grubby);

Yet another Event underway at the Exhibition Buildings in Carlton: a food festival with a thousand trendies seated at an endless outdoor dining table (truly, bread and circuses for the masses);

Cycling down to the still waters of the Bay early on an autumnal morning (to reward ourselves with a coffee at the St Kilda Baths);

Lyrebirds scrabbling under the tree ferns on the slopes of Mt Dandenong, beside the 1000 Steps (heedless of the fitness fiends pounding up and down);

That fleeting glimpse from the Bolte Bridge of delicate pinks, golds and mauves warming the cold glass-and-steel office towers of the CBD as the western sun begins to set (but no stopping on the airport freeway).

And now I’m leaving it behind for a month, to rediscover an exotic city I haven’t seen since the Seventies. Stay tuned…


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