Grey days in the Land of Smiles

Dull grey sky.  Stiff breeze.  Steady drizzle… where are we, again? Oddly enough, in the Land of Smiles, where anything less than 25 degrees is normally considered mild, especially in the hot season.  Thailand’s unprecedented cold snap has cast a shadow over this little excursion to Kanchanaburi – Bridge on the River Kwai and all that – west of the capital.  Those balmy views of limestone crags seen across a sun-dappled river are just a distant memory.  So what to do? 

Go shopping of course, rubbing shoulders with shaven-headed monks in saffron robes, browsing the blue jeans (yup, go figure).

Department store, Kanchanaburi

Department store, Kanchanaburi

Don’t forget to pay your respects at the spirit house out front before pushing through the glass doors into K town’s smartest (only) outfitter. Just remember, in this country your skinny frame counts as a size XL – but alterations take just a few minutes and cost pennies.

Later, laden with shopping, take five for a designer coffee in the street stalls outside.  Want condensed milk with that?


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