Ephesus: attack of the killer zombies

Touring the ruined Roman city of Ephesus this morning, we almost drowned in a human tide of package tourists, many ferried up from cruise ships in port nearby at Kusadasi.

Two more tourists, Ephesus

Two more tourists, Ephesus

Thousands of zombies, giggling, prattling, often posturing for inane look-at-moi snaps against the ruins whilst everyone else waits. Must have been fifty or more coaches in the parking lot at the main entrance.

How many of these people will take home any significant appreciation of the site they blundered through this morning? Real travel: YOK! (Turkish for Not).


2 thoughts on “Ephesus: attack of the killer zombies

  1. Tell me that you didn’t fall for the authentic Roman coin that the touts all seemed to have for sale. They just put cheap coins through a sheep’s digestive system, but you can recognise the fake by the black stains on their hands.

    Too many tourists -Yok fun!!

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