Bed-bugs by the Bosphorus

2:30 a.m. Scratch, scratch. Scratch…. aaargh, grope for the light switch. What the hell are those little black spots all over my side of the bed? (oddly enough, not Hers).  Stumble out of the room, downstairs, harangue the night manager of this unexceptional hotel somewhere in Sultanahmet, the tourist district of Istanbul.  Another room, please.  Now.

Wind back to the Seventies. Embarking on the great Asian overland journey, I am dossing down in a flophouse somewhere down a lane near the Blue Mosque, right here in Istanbul and not far away.  Over breakfast, a French backpacker displays the red, inflamed welts all over his back, to the amusement of one and all.

Beside the Bosphorus, bed-bugs forgotten

Beside the Bosphorus, bed-bugs forgotten

Deja vu… but this time the welts are all mine.  Will I jump onto TripAdvisor and can the offending hotel?  Actually, no. They handled it as well as could be expected and apparently it can happen to the cleanest of hotels.  Just mighty strange that it should happen here, again, by the banks of the Bosphorus.


One thought on “Bed-bugs by the Bosphorus

  1. You are so right about the bedbugs, they were fairly consistent companions around Turkey and most hotels handled it as well as possible. I stayed at a very lovely (not cheap) hotel in Sultanahmet called The Princess Zoe; and I also stayed at the quintessential – Side.

    Wonderful Turkish breakfasts that I miss so much!

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