So you STILL want to be a travel writer?

For better or for worse, the world has changed hugely since 1972, when Lonely Planet founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler waded ashore on an Australian beach and kicked off their stellar career as guidebook writers and publishers.

Girls in folk costume, Istanbul (pic by Barbara)

Girls in folk costume, Istanbul (pic by Barbara)

I’m currently enjoying the humorous memoir Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea of former US Peace Corps volunteer Tom Brosnahan, who stumbled into travel writing a year or two earlier in Turkey, the country which would become his second home. Brosnahan went on to write many bestselling guides to Turkey and other destinations, and now markets his expertise in travel writing and in all things Turkish.

There’s a message here… both of these pioneers see the future as being more about online media than about conventional print publishing. Meanwhile, over at Lonely Planet, guidebook author Vivek Wagle suggests you peer into the looking glass and ponder 10 ways NOT to be a travel writer! And I must say, it’s all pretty good advice, too. Since last month his post has attracted at least 27 comments.


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