Merhaba! Images from Turkey

A selection of my Images from Turkey in May/June 2011 – with more to follow. Plenty of story material to hand!

Aya Sofya (Haghia Sophia)

Aya Sofya (Haghia Sophia)

With only hazy memories of Turkey in the Seventies, a waystation on the overland road to Kathmandu, Turkey this (northern) summer came as a revelation for me… long, balmy nights and days spent roaming around Istanbul, amidst the teeming markets, tourist hordes and cultural monuments of the so-called European Capital of Culture 2010.

To any unreconstructed Seventies overlanders out there, I have to report that the original Pudding Shop in Sultanahmet has become just another tourist cafeteria. Rice pudding… what did you expect? It’s a trifling price to pay for the experience of revisiting a city which has become one of Europe’s most rewarding destinations.


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